Bentley will present a centenary concept on July 10 that will show the “future of big tours,” confirmed Executive Director Adrian Hallmark.

In celebration of Bentleys 100th anniversary, the futuristic concept promises to showcase the technological and design advances that are envisioned in the next 30 years.

The innovative concept will be powered by a hydrogen hybrid. This is the first time Bentley has shown an interest in hydrogen energy. Its first gasoline hybrid, a variant of the Bentayga, will be launched in August this year. Meanwhile, a full electric model will arrive in five years, Hallmark said.

The concept is designed to show a transparent OLED screen on the door cards, which Bentley first talked about in early 2017. The OLED screen could overlap the veneers and only be visible when in use to control features like audio. A version of the technology was shown in Bentleys EXP12 Speed 6 e concept.

Design director Stefan Sielaff said the concept is “a manifesto of how we see Bentley in the future.

“Its a look into the future. We dont want to show a spaceship. It should be something that everyone knows is a Bentley and that the technology we show [is credible]. Its not just a design statement, its a statement for the company.

“Its about sustainability, social responsibility, local sourcing, materials. Its a big change in our thinking because society is changing.

He added that the design team has been working on the concept for two years. “We are very, very far from finished. The studio is a little out [of the main office] because we have to keep it a secret. My team works day and night.

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