The modifications are light: for safety, in addition to improved brake pads, longer shock absorbers, springs and front suspension control arms to increase grip at the front end of Nankang tyres. But cars even have to maintain an MOT, so you can listen to Silverstones radio while youre splashing.

A race car was supposed to cost £3,500 to assemble: although a Cat D C1 on eBay is now sold for twice the £500 it used to cost. But even so, Citroën sold about 300,000 C1s over the years, so there are a lot of cheap cars around here.

With 99 of them together, even in a group, they occupy the entire straight of the old Silverstone pit, and much more when starting in a curve. But thats how you start 24 hours of total madness: in that time, 13 cars roll and one or two drivers tick, but there are obligatory cameras in the car and all the races I see are clean and fair. Theoretically, you could drive to the circuit in the car and back home.

Some teams did. But some take it more seriously than the last time Autocar ran a C1 in Spa in 2017. Nobody gets paid to drive, but there are professional drivers (past and future international GT championship winners) competing because its fun.

And there are good teams, like Amigo Motorsport who raced with “our” car, driven by three paid drivers and two drivers. We finished 52nd, having been 25 positions from each end at one point or another.

The C1 is a lot of fun to drive. In the wet, it tends to be quite lateral most of the time and is adjustable in the dry. The brakes are fantastic, the grip is good, but with whats left of 68bhp you still have time to think about where youre doing it right or wrong.

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