Aston Martin has introduced a new variant of manual gearbox $0027AMR$0027 of the latest sports Vantage, which is scheduled for presentation next week.

AMR, which logically means Aston Martin Racing, is a badge that has been used in several special editions of Aston in recent years, and is currently used in a version more focused on the DB11 driver and a Rapide special.

In keeping with the theme of driving engagement, the Vantage AMR will see the return of a manual gearbox to the brand for the first time since the previous generation model in 2017.

In recent years Aston has used a six-speed manual gearbox on certain models, but the V12 Vantage S was equipped with a seven-speed manual towards the end of its useful life, making use of a first-speed design inspired by motorsport. This allowed the top six gears to remain in the traditional $0027H$0027 pattern that most drivers are familiar with.

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