Once rolled, the acceleration continues to increase, and by the time the first corner approaches, the Aston is already approaching the 50 mph (50 mph) Ive been told to stay down to keep the powertrain happy. Subjectively, it doesnt feel as fast as a petrol Aston of the time, but a lot of that is probably due to the almost total lack of noise, a soft electric groan that replaces the muscular note of the six straights.

The take-off shows that there is no need to brake, thanks to regeneration powerful enough to make it appear that the runway is covered in molasses. Spires says the finished version will have a less aggressive regeneration to keep it closer to the driving modes of the original car. Given the novelty of a gearshift lever, I experiment with gear ratios to discover that it doesnt make sense: acceleration feels identical in second and third place. As planned, the rest of the dynamic experience has hardly changed. By modern standards, the DB6 has modest levels of grip and a lot of sway, but the chassis is well educated and is happy to tackle the short track at a respectfully fast pace. It is also refined. There are no crackles or bells from the molding or advanced age structure of the Steering Wheel.

Is that a good idea? Ultimately, thats up to the market in general and Spires admits that it will require a favorable reaction from potential customers to present the business case for investing in a production version. “Im desperate to do it,” he says. “I have the feeling that the pace of electric vehicles is such that I would be surprised if we didnt have a suitable programme for this time next year.

Kinematic chain also fits on DB4, DB5 and DBS

The choice of making the EV module a substitute for the six long-life DOHCs means that it can be offered with many cars. Produced between 1958 and 1972, the six-cylinder unit powered the DB4, DB5, DB6 and DBS – a total of around 3000 cars. “We chose that segment because they have a high value and there are a lot of them out there,” says Spires.

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