Chief designer Busse clearly enjoys the proximity of this whole story. “The idea is not to be able to copy details from previous models, but to be aware of the weight of the past,” he says. “Every day I will choose a car to look at. Its a good way to recharge batteries. This will give me a lot of joy.

This joy is the result of the efforts of the former chief designer and designer of Cinquecento Roberto Giolito, currently responsible for the Italian heritage activities of the FCA. Giolito and his team have conceived the space not only as a place to store cars, but also as a building where new ideas can be inspired. “Its about creating an atmosphere. The aim is to interconnect the different departments,” he says, considering the possibility of tours with designers and engineers. “We want to create high value in terms of results. Its a timeless place of contemplation.

There is certainly much to contemplate. Apart from several long rows of cars arranged in steps, the centre of the building houses eight themed car exhibitions. Among them are Archistars, models that define segments such as the 1936 Fiat Topolino, 1955 Fiat 600 and 1980 Fiat Panda, as well as Concept and Personalized cars, Eco and Sustainable concepts, rally cars, racers, style milestones, safety car concepts and cars that have embarked on epic journeys.

Its amazing to realize the number of cars the FCA has been stealing, its collecting habit fueled even more by the decision, made in 2015, to keep the first example of each new model manufactured, says Giolito. The themes will change over time, of course, keeping this truly impressive exhibition fresh for the people it is designed to inspire and for the public that visits it. And if youre in Turin, its worth the effort. In the meantime, we can wait to hear, hopefully, the ideas that germinate in the middle of this whole story.

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